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Last Lennon's home demos & Studio Outtakes in great quality,


DISC ONE - Mother Alternate Acetate (Taken from LP Acetate)

1. Mother [Alternate Take] - 5:34 Alternate
2. Love [Take 26] - 2:11 - Never released before, master alternate take
3. Love [Take 27] - 4:43 - Additions to the previous releases "Alright" and "Remember".
4. Hold On [Rock Version] - 3:33 - Never released before - Longer version than the Anthology boxset take.
5. Glad All Over [Jam] - 1:13 Never released before, not the same as the previously bootlegged "That's Alright/Glad All Over/Honey Don't" jam.
6. Hold On [Take 23] - 2:22 Never released before
7. Look At Me [Amplified Acoustic Guitar Demo] - 2:46 Never released before, December '68 demo.
8. I Found Out [Amplified Acoustic Guitar Demo] - 4:03 Almost the same length as the previously bootlegged (full) version, but this has the full ending like on Anthology. An upgrade in Anthology-quality too.
9. Remember - 9:25 - Longest Known Version
10. I Found Out - 3:56 The rough ‘carl wolf’ mix.
11. Well, Well, Well - 5:52 - Outtake

DISC TWO - STUDIO OUTTAKES - (Taken from reels)

My Life - same as on At Home...
Cleanup Time - never heard this before with the 3 starts... new!
Stranger's Room - longer than on At Home... new!
Beautiful Boy - same as on At Home
Watching The Wheels - the version is known, but this has a longer intro and outro!
Dear Yoko - known version
You Saved My Soul - new
Woman - new
Stepping Out - that's better! the basis of the known doubletracked version! very nice...
Face It - has to be from the same tape. again the basis for a doubletracked version we had. new!
Real Love - Booted before
Borrowed Time - don't know this intro... completely different version! with a drum machine... in bermuda?! nice surprise
Happy Rishikesh/Something Is Wrong - as expected the Anthology version. but unedited! great to have. fun how he does a little reprise of
"happy rishikesh" at the very end... new!
Beautiful Boy - Longer intro and a second or so more at the end!
Watching The Wheels - known "after lunch take 1", but this sounds a bit better
Grow Old With Me - M&H version, not sure if it sounds any better
Grow Old With Me - NEW! from the same tape as the one on At Home. John's voice being quite shaky... maybe the very first demo of the song
Grow Old With Me - also new. thank goodness, I feared a rehash of the guitar and piano takes on At Home. wonder what he refers to at the beginning.
what "bit for a middle eight"? this is suspiciously close to the one that was dt'd...
Cleanup Time - just the first part of the version on At Home, badly cut off. the reverse of what happened with Stranger's Room
Real Love (or actually LIFE) - new! this sounds better and is longer than what was aired in the LLT

DISC THREE - HOME DEMOS - (Taken from 1º generation Tapes in GREAT quality)

I Don't Wanna Face It - great to have a 3rd take of that! "Oil Slick!" new!
Borrowed Time - not sure if we had an MCRT of this, but certainly not this multitrack new!
Flower Princess - nice! also new. i think. maybe there was a bit of this on LLT with Mintz narrating over it?
Grow Old With Me - seems to be the same as Anthology, but not certain.
Borrowed Time - a different mix of the M&H version, sounds a lot better to me! complete ending as on the Lennon Legend DVD
Face It - hey, yet another take... new!
Stepping Out - new, if anything we had an MCRT of this.
Flower Princess - M&H take, different mix, longer ending
Grow Old With Me - NEW! another new piano take! not the one that was booted so many times before.

DVD ONE - Milk & Honey/Truth

MTV Sunday Special: Milk & Honey
Borrowed Time (with slate)
Nobody Told Me (with slate)
Friday Night Videos-Nobody Told Me introduced by Mick Jagger
Un Jour Futur 1975 - interview with french voiceover

DVD TWO - Milk & Honey/Truth

Man Of The Decade - ATV 12-30-69
Robert Fraser Gallery - July 1, 1968
Bed In - Donald Zec
Bed In - Al Capp
New York Times Interview at Tittenhurst
Gazebo Shopping
"Imagine" Apollo Theater 12-17-71
"Mind Train"
"Give Me Some Truth"
"Oh My Love"
"Mrs. Lennon"
"Crippled Inside"
"Jealous Guy"
"Whatever Gets You Through The Night"
Monday Night Football 12-9-74
20/20 "Woman"
SNL "Goodbye Sadness"

Contains new material and all new transfers !!!!!!!