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Oh my gosh..... once again...... I couldn't believe my eyes when I held it on my hands, then I couldn't believe my ears when I heard it, later on, I caught myself crying again after seeing this incredible footage (I am crying a lot, aren't I? ) This BOX is simply everything any Beatle fan ever dreamed of, first, the CD..... ah this CD, do you guys remember when Toshiba Japan first acquired the rights to release ABBEY ROAD in Japan in 1983? Yes, they got it and really
released it in traditional fantastic Japanese quality there in 1983, then for legal reasons (Our dear old Apple again)Apple made them withdraw this gem from the market (along with a few others already released), so that Apple could re-release that CRAP in 1987. Anyways, you might ask ; ''well what's the big deal with this CD then?'' Then I respond, gladly, ''Guys, this is the ONLY other CD taken from the MASTER TAPES on the ABBEY ROAD album, BUT, with the great advantage that this sounds incredible, soooooooooooooo much better than the official release!'' Then again you ask, but what about the Dr.Ebbetts release, isn't that the best one? So I answer you ; ''Ebbetts release is GREAT, but it was taken from the original 1969 LP, whereas this one was taken directly from the MASTER TAPES by those same Japanese
geniouses that make wonders with the sound, so, it is more or less like If Ebbetts had gotten ahold of the Master Tapes and could finally remaster it onto CD format, with that quality we all learned to know and love!'' in a nutshell, this CD is simply unbeatable, you can turn the volume up and hear no distortion whatsoever! Amazing.... Now for the other CDs, have you ever heard of the ABBEY ROAD VIDEO SHOW from 1983? Yeah, we all did, and, maybe you are familiar with that release of this show, in bootleg form some years ago, well, this is NOT that, this is an ultra rare Birthday release from the MASTER TAPES from that show, complete for the first time with narrations, everything in 2 CDs for you to enjoy the BEST out of it! The DVD is simply out of this world, ultra rare, with dozens of never seen before footage of the ABBEY ROAD ERA, really, 39 chapters, 2 hours long, remastered, who could ask for more? Only ABBEY ROAD ERA
material, nothing from here is on Anthology, this is a real rare gem..... the book is also superb, comes fully illustrated with exclusive Paul, John, Ringo & George's interviews about the Abbey Road album, not seen anywhere else. The photos here are rare pics never seen before, beautiful, amazing, they'll take your breath away, plus a beatiful poster of one of the most beautiful Beatle pictures ever, in my opinion! Here is the tracklist for the ABBEY ROAD SHOW 1983 & THE DVD :


Mary Hopkins on Festival Di Sanreno 1/31, Goodbye Promo with Paul, Goodbye on Ed Sullivan Show 3/69, George get busted 3/12, Paul Marries Linda 3/12 (10 mins worth!), Paul & Linda interview at London Airport 3/17, John Marries Yoko 3/20, In amsterdam 3/25, George & Patti after court 3/31, John & Yoko at London Airport 4/1, Ringo & Peter Sellars in southampton 5/16, John & Yoko in Freeport 5/25, Toronto 5/26, Montreal 5/29 (not common footage - but RARER!), Home Movies at Esher & Abbey Road of the boys 7/69 (Here Comes The Sun & Come Together), John, Ringo & George at Isle of White 8/31, John at Apple 9/15, The Music Scene 9/22 of Ballad of John & Yoko/Give Peace a Chance, Is Paul Dead Reports 10/22, Paul in Campbeltown Farm 10/69, Promos of Get Back (two versions), Don't Let Me Down, Ballad of John & Yoko & something! Onto 1970: John in Paris (talks about Let It Be) 1/26, John at Black Centre 2/4, Ringo on Laugh In 2/23, Magic Christian Trailer, Ed Sullivan Show 3/1 - Beatles Songbook with Let It Be and Two Of Us , Let It Be version #1, Beatles Break Up 4/10 news reports, 4/12 raw footage with Derek, Ringo and more, Let It Be Trailer, For You Blue, The Break Up interview 12/70 and Paul at High Court 2/19/71.

Disc 1

1. Introducing The Abbey Road Studios
2. Love Me Do
3. Studio Talk
4. How Do You Do It ?
5. Studio Talk
6. I Saw Her Standing There
7. Studio Talk
8. Twist & Shout
9. Studio Talk
10. One After 909
11. Studio Talk
12. Don't Bother Me
13. Studio Talk
14. A Hard Days Night
15. Studio Talk
16. Leave My Kitten Alone
17. Studio Talk
18. I'm A Loser
19. Studio Talk
20. She's A Woman
21. Ticket To Ride
22. Studio Talk
23. Help

Disc 2

1. Intro Part 2
2. Norwegian Wood
3. I'm Looking Through You
4. Studio Talk
5. Paperback Writer
6. Studio Talk
7. Rain
8. Studio Talk
9. Penny Lane
10. Strawberry Fields Forever
11. Studio Talk
12. Strawberry Fields Forever
13. Studio Talk
14. Strawberry Fields
15. A Day In The Life
16. Studio Talk
17. Hello Goodbye
18. Lady Madonna
19. Studio Talk
20. Hey Jude
21. Studio Talk
22. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
23. Because
24. #9 Dream


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