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Hhhmmm, this is really tasty! Also for the first time the great REAL STEREO MPI remixes, plus the so rare OPEN END INTERVIEW by the Beatles! The MPI CD comes in unsurpassed quality, transparent stereo and warm as the sun bass lines!
The book has incredible a Hard Day's night Era photos, never seen before and excellent text abou the making of film and billboard critics reviews! The other 2 CDs comes with complete alternate outtakes from the A HARD DAY'S NIGHT ERA and the DVD...... aaaahhhhhh the DVD has the ORIGINAL AMC MONO TRANSMISSION, REMASTERED, UNCUT AND UNEDITED A HARD DAY'S NIGHT FILM!!! Yes, remember that this is the only MONO broadcast of the film ever? yes, and you have it here for the first time in GREAT image and GLORIOUS mono sound! Here is the tracklisting for the alternate CDs and MPI remix.


1.I'll Cry Instead
2.A Hard Day's Night
3.I Should Have Known Better
4.I Wanna Be Your Man / Don't Bother Me / All My Loving
5.If I Fell
6.Can't Buy Me Love
7.And I Love Her
8.I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
9.Can't Buy Me Love
10.Tell Me Why
11.If I Fell
12.I Should Have Known Better
13.She Loves You
14.A Hard Day's Night


15.Open End Interview (Part1)
16.A Hard Day's Night (Mono)
17.Open End Interview (Part2)
18.And I Love Her (Mono)
19.Open End Interview (Part3)
20.If I Fell (Mono)
21.Open End Interview (Part4)
22.I'm Happy Just To Dance With You (Mono)
23.Open End Interview (Part5)
24.Ringo's Theme (This Boy)



"A Hard Day's Night" era sessions
1. Sie Liebt Dich -take 10, RS'95
2. Can't Buy Me Love -take 2, RS'82
3. Can't Buy Me Love -take 3, RS'82
4. Can't Buy Me Love -edit of take 1 & 3, RM'95
5. You Can't Do That -take 6, RM'95
6. And I Love Her -take 2, RM'95
7. I Should Have Known Better -take 8, RM'95
8. I Should Have Known Better -take 11, RM'95 (partial)
9. And I Love Her -take 11, RS'95 (partial)
10. Tell Me Why -take 4, RM'95
11. A Hard Day's Night -take 1, RM'95
12. A Hard Day's Night -take 2, RM'82 (partial)
13. A Hard Day's Night -take 3, RM'82
14. A Hard Day's Night -take 4, RM'82
15. A Hard Day's Night -take 5, RM'82
16. A Hard Day's Night -take 6, RM'82
17. A Hard Day's Night -take 7, RM'82
18. A Hard Day's Night -take 8, RM'82
19. A Hard Day's Night -take 9, RM'82 (partial)
20. I'll Be Back -take 2, RM'95
21. I'll Be Back -take 3, RM'95
22. I'll Be Back -take 12, RM'95
23. I'll Be Back -take 13, RM'95
24. I'll Be Back -take 14, RM'95
25. I'll Be Back -take 15, RM'95
26. You Know What To Do -studio demo
27. No Reply -studio demo, take 1
"A Hard Day's Night" film production acetates
28. A Hard Day's Night -take 9
29. And I Love Her -take 21
30. If I Fell -take 15

"Top Gear" BBC Radio
31. Long Tall Sally
32. Things We Said Today
33. A Hard Day's Night
34. And I Love Her
35. I Should Have Known Better
36. If I Fell
37. You Can't Do That
38. outro and theme song

"A Hard Day's Night" era home recordings
39. One And One Is Two
40. If I Fell
41. If I Fell
42. If I Fell
43. If I Fell
44. If I Fell


The stereo "A Hard Day's Night" LP
1. A Hard Day's Night -take 9, RS1
2. I should Have Known Better -take 22, RS1
3. If I Fell -take 15, RS1
4. I'm Happy Just To Dance With You -take 4, RS1
5. And I Love Her -take 21, RS1
6. Tell Me Why -take 8, RS1
7. Can't Buy Me Love -take4, RS1
8. Any Time At All -take11, RS1
9. I'll Cry Instead -edit takes 6 & 8, RS1
10. Things We Said Today -take 3, RS1
11. When I Get Home -take11, RS1
12. You Can't Do That - take 9, RS1
13. I'll Be Back -take 16, RS1

The mono "Long Tall Sally" EP
14. Slow Down -take 6, RM1
15. I Call Your Name - edit of RM1 of take 5 and RM2 of take 7
16. Long Tall Sally -take 1, RM2
17. Matchbox -take 5, RM1

Other "A Hard Day's Night" era mono remixes
18. And I Love Her -take 21, RM1
19. Any Time At All -take 11, RM3
20. I'll Cry Instead -edit of takes6 & 8, RM1
21. When I Get Home -take 11, RM3
22. I'll Be Back -take 16, RM3
23. Long Tall Sally -take 1, RM1

The German single in stereo
24. Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand -edit of takes 5 & 7 , RS2
25. Sie Liebt Dich -take 14, RS1

Other "A Hard Day's Night" era stereo remixes
26. And I Love Her -take 21, RS1, German edit
27. I Call Your Name -edit of RS1 of take 5 and RS2 of take 7, US. version
28. Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand -edit of takes 5 & 7 , RS1
"A Hard Day's Night" original film soundtrack
29. Tell Me Why -take 8, mono film mix
30. A Hard Day's Night -take 9, mono film mix


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